The exhibition in Kvalitář introduces the most valuable of the Bechyně symposia. Strong history, international artists and ceramics as a tool for artistic expression. Exhibition CONTACT. The International Symposium of Ceramics Bechyně 1966–2018, which took place from October 10 to November 22, 2019 in the Kvalitář Gallery, presented contemporary art together with the history of the Bechyně symposium. As in the past, the symposium is open to international cooperation with artists from around the world. Thanks to those regular gatherings, the most interesting works of foreign artists created at the symposium have been available in Czech collections since the 1960s. The exhibition CONTACT. The International Symposium of Ceramics Bechyně 1966–2018 combines the history and the present of ceramic works that were created in Bechyně. The curators of the exhibition, Veronika Rollová and Eva Pelechová, selected the most significant works of art from the 1960s to the 1980s and exhibited them together with the work of six artists from the Czech Republic and abroad, who participated in the symposium in 2018. The Czech Republic is represented by Adam Železný, whose works are strongly influenced by his passion for pyrotechnics. Among the foreign participants are American artists Ellen Kleckner and Katie Sleyman, who focus on the interaction of fragments in space, as well as sculptures by Norwegian artist Sofia Nørsteng, or burdensome photos of the excavations from the Sobibor forest by Israeli artist Yael Atzmony. The last contemporary artist is Giorgio di Palma, whose works represent not only interventions in the public space, but also interviews with the inhabitants of the town of Bechyně about the ceramic tradition of the town.

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